Breaking Polish Brick Walls

Maria had been searching for some time to know the missing information about her husband’s family in Poland and became well-acquainted with them thanks to AncestorCloud. The team working on this project, Your Roots in Poland, even created a video of the church in Poland at which his family was christened. Maria feels that they went above and beyond by including things like maps and extracting important details from the records.

Most people who join our site post a request and wait for their results. In the case of Maria she posted one request and as the work was being completed she was so excited with the progress of the work, she couldn’t help but add 3 additional requests. Przemysław Lisowski, part of the organization – Your Roots in Poland – did a fabulously thorough job of the 4 different projects completed.

The Request

  • Emilia was the illegitimate child of Albertina Klemin. We would love to find out who her biological father is. I would also like a record of her grandfather’s death record and her grandmother’s families information.
  • Information about our Great Grandmother Albertina Klemin’s siblings. Any information about her full sister and brother and half siblings would be wonderful.
  • Visit Konin State Archives and search for Klemin family records
  • Headstones of our ancestors found at the Dąbie, Evangelical cemetery in Dąbie, Poland.

One of Maria’s greatest challenges is that, microfilm and online Polish records ended in 1885, so from then until the early 1900’s she had no access to important Polish records. Having a group of genealogists in Poland was the link that Maria was missing. She was able to connect through our community and find everything she was looking for.

The Results

Your Roots in Poland submitted detailed reports of the information she was seeking. Maria was extremely pleased with their findings, and commented on several things she appreciated about the work that was returned to her. She said she appreciated how proactive they were, everything was well-documented, including maps of the region, Maria also noted a great attention to detail from the documents. She said, “Your Roots In Poland went above and beyond with their professional reports, data, and translation.” She especially loved the pictures included of the outside and inside of the book.

As a child, her husband’s grandmother had been smuggled out of Poland when the borders were closed, and for many years, they had only known about her. Through connecting with Your Roots in Poland, the gap in the research was filled. The research means that Maria now knows how she is related to these people

In looking at the video of the church at which Albertina was christened/presented/baptized as a child, history became more real to her. She saw the destruction of the war, and was saddened by it, but it was also special to see a place that was a starting point for Albertina’s life.

This research has opened up several new possibilities. It has helped her know about new relatives. She also hopes to be able to connect with other living relatives to share what she has found with them.

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