Grandma Climbed The Family Tree

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There's been a change in Grandma,
we've noticed as of late
She's always reading history or
jotting down some date.
She's tracing back the family,
we'll all have pedigrees,
Grandma's got a hobby,
she's climbing Family Trees...

Poor Grandpa does the cooking and now,
or so he states,
he even has to wash the cups and the dinner plates.
Well, Grandma can't be bothered,
she's busy as a bee,
Compiling genealogy for the Family Tree.

She has no time to baby-sit, the curtains are a fright;
No buttons left on grandpa's shirt,
the flower bed's a sight.
She's given up her club work, the serials on TV
The only thing she does nowadays is climb the Family Tree.

The mail is all for Grandma, it comes from near and far.
Last week she got the proof she needs to join the DAR.
A monumental project - to that we all agree,
A worthwhile avocation - to climb the Family Tree.

grandma baby hand

To some it's just a hobby, to Grandma it's much more.  She learns the joys and heartaches of those who went before.

They loved, they lost, they laughed, they wept and now for you and me,
They live again in spirit around the Family Tree.

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January 3, 2014
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