How to Find Your Irish Ancestors

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Happy St Patrick's Day!

For the 33.3 million Americans who claimIrish ancestry,it can be an overwhelming task to sift through theplentiful Irish genealogy and family history resources available onandoffline. In the spirit of Irish-American Heritage Month, we’ve decidedto offer up a helping hand inyour bigIrish familyresearch by compiling a list of 70 Irish ancestryresources so you can fill in some genealogy research gaps, and discover newIrish family stories that might be missing from your family tree.

From Irish surnames, to genealogylibraries and immigration records,it’s likely you’ll find a long lostIrish ancestor by utilizingthe following resources.

Irish Ancestry Resources

Irish Census Records

Irish Vital Records

Irish Wills

Irish Church Records

Irish Military Service Records

Irish Immigration Records & Passenger Lists

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Irish Surname Search & Meanings

Irish Newspaper Online Collections

Irish Genealogy Libraries & Archives

 Irish Graveyards, Monuments & Tombstones

Irish Tombstone

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Irish Genealogical Societies & Associations

Additional Irish Ancestry Resources

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March 17, 2015
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