"I Cannot Make Out My Ancestor’s Name"

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Are you stumped because you cannot figure out yourancestor’s name? 

There can be several reasons forthis, including:

  •  Someone had poor handwriting, and you cannotread the name.
  • Only the first two initials were recorded, andyou have no idea what they stand for.
  • You only knew your ancestor’s nickname, youwould not recognize his name even if you saw it.

Perhaps some of these suggestions will provide clues to helpyou:

  •       Ask family members to check all the records theyhave that may mention your ancestor (journals, personal histories, legaldocuments).
  •       If you find a name that is abbreviated orillegible on a census, look for an earlier record of the same type.  Maybe you will luck out and discover the fullname was recorded.
  •       Try city directories, church records, orarchived school records.
  •        Look for every newspaper obituary where yourancestor may have been named.
  •       Once you have exhausted one record type, tryother records.  For example, birth,marriage, and death records give additional opportunities for the same personto be recorded.
  •       Search the records for every child and siblingto see if your ancestor’s name appears again on their records.  Check the records that name parents andspouses.
  •       Find out if any other family members were giventhe same name or if naming patterns can provide clues.
  •       Submit a request for research to Genealogists.com.  They have created one of the largest networks of professional genealogists in the world.

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January 21, 2014
Wesley is the founder of hello@traceyourpast.com.

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