July 4 and Canada Day Special - Save $300

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To commemorate July 4th and Canada Day, for the next 5 days Genealogists.com is offering our $995 Research Package for only $695 -- a $300 savings!  This offer is valid through July 6, 2015 for any new research project.

For only $695, we will provide 10+ hours of research.  We will provide digital results of everything we find as well as a calendar/log showing our searches.

Now is an excellent time to take advantage of the resources of world's largest family history research firm to add to your family's stories and history.  We have over 1,200 professional genealogists, historians, DNA experts, university professors, scholars, and archivists working worldwide in over 2,500 archives around the globe.  Our experts access and analyze the over 90% of family history records that are not yet online.

We provide high quality family history research services with prices customized to your specific research needs.  

To take advantage of this holiday special, purchase on or before before July 6, 2015 by going by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We  look forward to helping you make this holiday weekend  one your family will remember for the rest of their  lives.

Note: Document fees may apply.  This offer cannot be used on any previously requested or in-process research.  Offer expires July 6, 2015.



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July 8, 2015
Wesley is the founder of hello@traceyourpast.com.

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