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Thomas MacEntee

Letme introduce you to a man known in the industry as “The Genealogy Guy.” ThomasMacEntee's passion for genealogy runs deep. He is the founder of GeneaBloggers, High-Definition GenealogyHack Genealogy

Thomasis well known in theindustry as a blogger, educator, author, socialmedia connector, online community builder and speaker. He is based in Chicago,Illinois.

Q&A With Thomas MacEntee

Genealogists.com: How many years have youbeen involved in genealogy?

Thomas MacEntee: As a hobbyist, for over 20years and as a professional, for 6 years.

Genealogists.com: How did you first become involved?

Thomas:My great-grandparents who helped raise mefirst introduced me to family history through stories and through a writtengenealogy done in 1916.

Genealogists.com: What do you love aboutfamily history?

Thomas:I love the stories and learning how myancestors lived.

Genealogists.com: What’s your favoritepart of the search process?

Thomas:My favorite part is evaluating evidence -taking three or more different data points related to a fact such as abirth date and determining which ones fit the puzzle.

Genealogists.com: What is your leastfavorite part of the genealogy process?

Thomas:My least favorite part is having to siftthrough erroneous information, especially from online trees and other platforms where the information is so easyto spread.

Genealogists.com: What do you believe isthe most difficult part of family history research?

Thomas:Being disciplined - taking your time,tracking information, maintaining good records and not allowing yourself tobe distracted by "bright and shiny objects."

Genealogists.com: How has genealogychanged your life?

Thomas:After a major career change and lifeinterruption in 2008, I decided to pursue the genealogy field as aprofessional. I now own my own business and have become obsessed with buildingentrepreneurial skills and teaching themto others.

Genealogists.com: If you could sit andchat with one ancestor who would it be?

Thomas:It would be my 9th great-grandfatherJohannes Putman who arrived in New York in 1661 and was killed during theSchenectady Massacre.

Youcan find Thomas MacEntee at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Geneabloggers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/geneabloggers

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/geneabloggers/


Join me next week for aninterview with Mary Tedesco of Genealogy Roadshow!

~ Joy

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April 1, 2015
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