Our Ancestors and Superstitions About Death

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Todayis Friday the 13th, a day that many of our ancestors believedbrought about bad luck. But it wasn’t just Friday the 13th that was feared; a person’s demise was full of superstitions and folklore,especially for the Victorians. In fact, some of these superstitions are still with us today …

General Death Superstitions

Deathcomes in threes.

Ifa broken clock begins to chime, there will be a death in the house.

Hearingthree knocks when no one is there indicates that someone close to you justdied.

Ifa picture falls off of the wall, someone you know will die.

At Home

Youmust stop the clock in the room where a person has died so the soul can moveon to the afterlife.

Coverall of the mirrors in the house where someone dies so the deceased’s spiritdoes not become trapped in one.

Thebody must be removed from the house feet first so the deceased cannot “lookback” and take others with them.

Itis bad luck to lock the door of your house after the funeral procession hasleft.

During the Funeral

Neverwear anything new to a funeral.

Afuneral held on Friday may result in another death in the family during thesame year.

Awoman should be buried in black or she may return to haunt the family.

Closethe eyes of the dead or they may “look” for someone to take with them.

On The Way

Itis bad luck to meet a funeral procession coming toward you.

Don’tcount the number of vehicles in a funeral procession or bad luck will followyou.

Neverpoint at a funeral cortege or you will die within a month.

Neverwhistle past a graveyard; you will summon the devil.

In The Cemetery

Ifyou place something of yours in the coffin, the deceased will come back foryou.

Ifrain falls during a funeral, the deceased will go to heaven.

Ifyou hear thunder after the burial, the soul has reached heaven.

Ifnothing grows on a grave, it indicates an unkind or evil person buried there.

Doyou know of other superstitions? Share them with us below.


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March 13, 2015
Wesley is the founder of hello@traceyourpast.com.

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