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Before we get too far into 2015, we thought it would be helpful to highlight the most read blogs in 2014. Each post has had thousands of readers and ideally helped you with your research.Be sure to visit the blog often in 2015 to see our latest tips and suggestions.

1. Anatomy of a Social Security Number

This post details the meaning of these all-important numbers and explains the letters that may appear after an individual's number.

2. Tips for Searching State Records

This post shares tips for searching state records online.

3. 5 Ways to Find Your Ancestor’s Parents

There is more than one record that might record the names of an ancestor's parents; this post explains five of them.

4. Viewing Restricted FamilySearch Collections

Learn three workarounds for viewing restricted records.

5. Avoiding Five Common Research Errors

Starting with not believing everything you see and read, this post highlights five mistakes many researchers make.

6. 4 Ways to Use WorldCat to Access Records

This post will help you use resources at the world's largest library catalog to help you find your ancestors.

7. Marry ‘Em and Bury ‘Em

This post explains how using marriage and burial records can help you overcome "burned county" Amanda Epperson © 2015,, All rights reserved

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January 7, 2015
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