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No items found. is a website that can help you in all avenues of research. FamilySearch is affiliated with the Family History Library (Or FHL for short) in Salt Lake City and provides readily online access to most of the records and genealogical information in their archives. Used effectively, will be able to provide you with all the research tools that you would need to discover your ancestors!

Use of is free and need only an account to access some parts of the website, such as family trees or photos which you will be able to save on your account for further reference. To create an account on only needs two things: your email address and general information about yourself (name and date of birth, etc.).

Among family trees and photos, has a massive search engine of individual records. Simply click on the search button on the top of the main website to get started (On the bottom there is also a search button with an icon of a laptop and magnifying glass).

On the search website, the process is pretty straightforward: fill out whatever information you have about who you are looking for in the forms and begin your search from there. Thanks to the vast information the FHL and contains, the results can be anything from census records to vital records to newspaper articles among many other things that can help you find your particular ancestor.

Keep in mind that this does NOT replace the services that we at offer. As a team of highly trained researchers, we can help locate the actual records for you which will pose as irrefutable evidence that your research has been correct or to provide you with new information about your own lineage. Rather, the idea is to let your research help us to help you. Once you have found who you wanted to find on Familysearch, it will make the request process at much easier and take less time (as well as being able to locate the correct records) should you choose to employ our services. 

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April 1, 2014
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