Netherlands Genealogists

Our Netherlands genealogists research on location. They will find and analyze the best records available to further your family history research. They can search the over 6000 archives and libraries in Netherlands, including:

  • Nationaal Archief (National Archive) in s-Gravenhage

Largest public archive in the Netherlands. Contains almost 1000 years of Dutch history in 93 kilometres of documents, maps, drawings, and photographs

  • Provincial archives in the capital of each of the 12 provinces

Each archive collects records from its respective province

  • Koninklijk Huisarchief (Royal and Nobility Archives)

Records found of the members of the House of Nassau and Orange Nassau from the 13th century to present

  • Hoge Raad van Adel (Royal and Nobility Archives)

Nobility records, heraldry, name changes, military emblems; advising of lower public judicial bodies concerning flags; advising of corporations and private persons concerning genealogy and heraldry

  • Katholiek Documentatie Centrum (Catholic Documentation Center) archive

One of the largest archives of the Roman Catholic church

  • Protestantse Kerk in Nederland (Protestant Church)

Archive for largest protestant church in the Netherlands in terms of membership. It is the continuation of three former churches.

Our professional researchers can do research projects of many sizes and for many budgets. We customize the amount of research provided according to your needs.If you would like to learn how our genealogists can further your research, request a research quote.

Some of the major records sources that can be used for genealogy research in Netherlands include:

  • Birth and marriage records were kept by some towns as early as 1564
  • Death records were kept by some towns as early as 1668
  • Civil registration of birth, marriage and death since 1811
  • National census records were recorded as early as 1795 and local censuses as early as 1689
  • Population registers since 1850 (similar to a continuous census that is kept up to date, showing whole households and addresses)
  • Land records were kept by the towns and counties from the time they were settled
  • Court and notarial records
  • Wills, including the Central Will Register for those who died after 1890 and left a will
  • Churches kept records of the christenings, marriages, burials, or other information about their members
  • Newspapers were written in many areas and time periods that contain information such as notices of marriages, notices of death, and obituaries
  • Military records since 1500s
  • Town and county histories about the settlers and their families
  • Naturalization and citizenship records were recorded since the formation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815
  • Ship passenger lists, tax lists, and town records were recorded for many areas
  • Tax records

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