Oklahoma Genealogists

Oklahoma State Archives and Libraries

Our Oklahoma genealogists research on location. They will find and analyze the best records available to further your family history research. They can search the archives and libraries in Oklahoma, including:

Oklahoma Department of Libraries

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries maintains Oklahoma government records and other historical documents. The department contains 65,000 cubic feet of records with 5,000 series. Most records reflect Oklahoma government documents and histories. Oklahoma genealogists can find historical records, images of Oklahoma, official papers from the governor’s office, house and senate bills, supreme court case files, and survey records.


Oklahoma Genealogical Society

The Oklahoma Genealogical Society holds ancestral charts and records, publications, genealogical material, and historical data. The society currently runs three projects to maintain archives, records, photographs, and other materials associated with the era and the state of Oklahoma. The three projects include the following:

  1. First families of the Twin territories
  2. Settlers and Builders of Oklahoma
  3. World War I Project

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Oklahoma Historical Society

Ever since it opened in 1839, the Oklahoma Historical Society has maintained records, museums, historic homes and military sites in Oklahoma. Oklahoma genealogists can access collections containing records involving American Indian ancestry, death registers, land lotteries, unemployment, city directories, divorces, newspapers, pioneer histories, marriages, obituaries, military, phone books, probates, school reports, yearbooks, and more. For a time, it even lived in the Oklahoma state capital in 1918.


Trace Oklahoma genealogists can search your family history needs on site in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State Capitol

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