American Military Genealogists

Our American Military genealogists research on location. They will find and analyze the best records available to further your family history research. They can search the archives and libraries for American Military records, including:

  • County archives
  • State archives
  • Courthouses
  • State Historical Archives
  • State and regional museums
  • National Archives in Washington, D.C. and various branches throughout the U.S.
    American prisoners of war and civilian internees, military awards, missing in action, casualties, and burials, correspondence files, court records, pension and compiled military service records, War Department collection of Confederate Records
  • Libraries containing Civil War records, such as the Library of Congress
  • National and State Civil War Battlefields and Sites
  • U.S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA
    One of the largest military history libraries in the world. Over 300,000 volumes covering every facet of U.S. Army and military history.

We also have specialists who research in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which contains numerous American Military records.

Our professional researchers can do research projects of many sizes and for many budgets. We customize the amount of research provided according to your needs.

If you would like to learn how our American Military genealogists can further your research, request a research quote.

Some of the major records sources that can be used for genealogy research in American Military include:

  • Amnesty papers and Presidential pardons
  • Bounty Land Warrants
  • Casualty records
  • Cemetery records
  • Compiled Service records, including muster rolls and personal papers
  • Conscription/draft records
  • Correspondence
  • Courts-martials
  • Descriptive lists, books, and rolls
  • Discharge papers
  • Enlistment papers
  • Headstone applications
  • Magazines
  • Manuscripts, letters, and diaries
  • Maps
  • Medical and hospital records
  • Military biographies
  • Militia records
  • Morning reports
  • Newspapers
  • Non-regimental and untypical soldier records
  • Official Records and Supplement to the Official Records
  • Orders
  • Pensions
  • POW, parole lists, and other related documents
  • Prison records
  • Reference works
  • Regimental histories
  • Rejected applications
  • Returns from military posts
  • Soldiers’, sailors’, and widows’ homes
  • Southern claims and civilian records
  • Substitutes
  • Taxes
  • U.S. Federal census and state census records
  • Unfiled papers
  • Veteran / Lineage Society records

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