Handwriting Genealogists

We have genealogists whose specialty is analyzing the handwriting in records. Your ancestor’s handwriting has a story to tell. To reveal this story, have our genealogists analyze their handwriting. The script found on old letters, diaries, journals, and photos provides the key to revealing the personalities that make up your family tree.

Find out who they really were. Did your great great grandpa have a good sense of humor? Did he think with his head or his heart (or both)? Was he an extravagant big planner or a modest down-to-earth fellow.

Our professional handwriting analysts are certified and can provide either a full or partial analysis. While original documents are best, high resolution scans or photos work just fine.

  • Full analysis covers the mental, emotional, physical, and personality traits of your ancestor. The cost is $40.
  • Partial analysis highlights 20 significant traits of your ancestor’s writing. The cost is $20.

For an example of a completed analysis to see the type of information you can learn, see handwriting analysis sample.

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