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Wow! Wow! Wow!

"Already, in just a few minutes of review, I must say, "Wow, Wow, Wow" What a great body of research!----a letter written by Elizabeth herself!! I will get back with you later when I have spent all the time necessary to digest what you've found.","

Duane S.

Clearly impressed!

"Many thanks for your report. It's very comprehensive. You have clearly discovered a substantial amount of information so far.

Donna A.

Everything looks great!

A lot of work was put into this research. I will begin to digest everything. Thank you!","

Eric P.

So grateful

"I am very grateful for the information you and your fellow researchers have carried out on my behalf. Thank you and to all else involved if you would kindly pass on my thanks. It was so interesting to discover all that was mentioned, and to learn so much more, I now keep going over it all again! Appreciate the way that you all carried out the project for me. Thanks again.

Anne M.

Excellent info!

"All excellent info. I am very pleased with it. Unbelievable what we can dig up from so far in the past. Again, thanks so much. I consider it money well spent.

Lois C.

Best research ever seen

"This is some of the best research I have ever seen in doing family history research for over 30 years.","

Barry S.

Finally, the answers I've been seeking

"Thank you again for all your work, I can't tell you how gratifying it is to be able to put the pieces of my family's story together.","


Report is awesome

Wow! The report is awesome. I cannot thank you and the Irish Researchers enough for all the work, time and care that was put into it. To be able to see the documents first hand, to be able to put some more pieces of the puzzle together and extend my tree so richly is amazing.","

Bob J.

Extrememely grateful

"Exactly what I was looking for!! I feel... Whole. And it's because of you and your team, so thank you.","

Heather S.

Fabulous report

"I am SO happy with the report, screaming and crying last night. I called and shared with my mother this morning that you had found her birth place and we cried together on the phone.","

Brenda M.

Absolutely fantastic!

"The service you have provided me has been absolutely fantastic and I felt it has been excellent value for money. There is nothing else you need to help me with, thanks so much again.","

Natash K.

You went the thousandth mile

"Thank you! It's great to see the handwriting, and since there are so few remaining photos of these people, every additional way I can paint a picture of their lives is very exciting.

Amanda E.

Thank you a million times

"Thank you a million times over for the thorough research. I appreciate the information and I will continue to work to solve the mystery of this line of ancestors. Please relay my thanks to your researcher.","

Victoria K.

You are amazing!

"Clearly, you are blessed with the ability of knowing where things are hiding. You are amazing. Thanks again. Mark me down as a tremendously satisfied customer.","Carol H.

Carol H.

What a treasure!

"You gave me wonderful new information and even some additional entries on the same pages that I did not know anything about. What a treasure! Thank you, with this being a dead end family for me this has been so very wonderful!

Heather N.

I am spreading the word

"I am certainly thrilled to receive the additional information about my ancestors. Please thank the researchers for me. I have been spreading the word about your organization's excellent work and reasonable prices at our Genealogy Society meetings, and will continue to do so.","

Martha L.

I am SO impressed

"I must say I am SO impressed. Please thank your researchers for all their hard work. Thank you very much for this formation.","

Lonnie L.

Latest technology and tools

"Your firm is highly professional and very committed. You communicate very effectively with your clients and use the very latest technology and tools. You take a real strategic approach when researching while keeping a decent balance with your deliverables. I highly recommend you for any family history work.","

Amir A.

My membership application was approved!

"Because of your help, my application to the Mayflower Society was approved! I am extremely grateful for your help and for those that did the work. Several other firms had tried to prove the link to Plymouth over the past century and were denied. I really thought that was never going to be solved. Your people solved it in a remarkably short period of time. Very impressive!","

Rich S.

First time and not the last

"This is the first time I have ever hired a genealogy firm so I really didn't know what to expect. I have been very pleased with what you have uncovered for me. Definitely will hire you again.

Cindy P.

Glad I did not have to travel

"Thanks very much. Now I have a better grasp of a complicated situation. I am glad I did not have to travel to get hold of this information! Many thanks to you all for zeroing in on the facts such as they are after all this time. It's been a worthwhile exercise, thanks to your help.","

Mark S.


"Wow! I'm impressed and so very pleased that you were able to find so much information with so little information that I gave you. A great big thanks.","

Barbara E.

I'm telling all my friends

"Thank you so much for a great research job. I appreciate what you've sent. What we've learned makes us want to continue to learn more. You did such a great job, I've recommended your company to two of my associates. Thanks for everything. Hope to be in touch soon.","

Brenda S.

Absolutely Amazing!

The Research Report and all the documents are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much. I appreciate it so much.


Blown Away!

I have been looking at the tree you have prepared and I am just blown away! Wow, you have found so much information. There are people on the tree that I have not heard of before and I will be excited to explore all of them.


Should have charged more

"Your research has been more helpful than what I have paid you and I am very pleased with all the info you have sent me. It has been gratifying finding the one immigration record that I have been searching for several years.","

Harry P.

Unobtainable otherwise

"Thanks for all your help. You were able to provided me with a number of records I would not have been able to obtain otherwise. I enjoyed our interaction.","

Bob T.

Completely satisfied

"I am completely satisfied with the results of my inquiry. Seeing my great-grandfather's marriage record honestly gave me a feeling of closure and connection that a transcript never could. Records that were not possible for me to get yesterday are in my hand today. Unbelievable!","

Darlene T.

Extraordinary! Well beyond expectations

The research you have done is extraordinary and goes well beyond my expectations. I now feel that my family history is complete and that you have put it into historical context. Thank you for all of your research - the maps, photographs and articles are most enlightening.

Karen R.

Success on a nearly impenetrable brick wall

"Thank you for all that you have done in helping me get my family history. I turned to your organization because it is hard to get results from this side of the pond. Thanks for all the hard work that you have done.","Hubert T.

Hubert T.

Best research firm

"Now I know why Genealogists.com is the largest research firm in the world! Based on my experience, you are also the best firm. No other firm has been able to find the records you found.","

Sandra T.

Beautifully presented

"Thank you so much for the report, beautifully presented and easily understood.","Neil K.

Neil K.